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Hey! Nice submission. I did notice quite a few bugs, especially with the movement…for example, exiting the house in the upper left sent me flying off to the right for some reason, and I got stuck on one of the NPCs for a bit…nothing too terrible, I think, just some polishing stuff.

About the music, it does have some problems…but I think the basic concept of it is actually pretty good. You just need to give the listener a break from the main riff every once in a while, maybe exchange it between a few variations?

Yeah the movement not simple like a roll balling but yeah need some check in the interactions. Ty for the critics

Hey, don’t diss my ball rolling! Besides, I’ve done other projects that are more complicated. One of my earliest projects was a pokemon-remake type game in GameMaker.

Just kidding i have 2 ball game man

Here are a few things I noticed:

  • I experienced a bug, I walked towards and collided with the green NPC at the beginning and I became stuck walking left, but was up near the top right house so I was completely stuck. Moving with arrow keys did nothing so I had to reload the page.
  • In the bottom right I got stuck while walking by the little fence down there and was unable to move. After a while though I appeared unstuck so I don't know what happened there.
  • Inside the bottom right building against the left bookshelf is it? I got stuck there as well.
  • I feel the music is not necessarily bad, but it gets repetitive. Perhaps add some more tunes that way when you enter a room the music transitions to the more appropriate tune. I feel the current music would maybe be good for an intro sequence to a battle scene.

Aside from these things I enjoyed it, I like the pixel art and it was fun to explore.

4/5 Stars

Hi mate,

there are few things that need some posilishing stuff like the music mainly

Ty for the score!

np mate keep up the great work!

it looks and feels good though if i had to give criticism it would be about the background music is not really all that good sorry and the ground like i said it looks good but it would be better to add more grass maybe in random spots other than that is good

good luck on this project

sure i will work on these points I have 2 days to make my entry Ty for comment mate